Welcome to the
English Speaking Club El Campello

We are open some

Saturday afternoons and evenings
assisted by our Spanish friends.

Menu del dia is available

every Friday lunchtime

Lunch is available

every Sunday!

Booking is advised!


EscThe English Speaking Club in association with MyVicinity which has been established on the Costa Blanca for 10 years has decided to create a completely new website with a new ethos.

One point we need to stress is that we are deliberately not doing this as a commerical venture. Monies received from advertising will be used to cover costs. Advertising will be strictly limited to businesses recommended by club members and there will only be a maximum of
12 advertisers displayed.

This is a service for our members and the community 

 Our primary reason for doing this is that we wanted a website for you, our 400 plus members, to keep in touch with what was happening at the club, special events, local information and to be able to see photos etc of past events etc.

We then had a rethink! We realised the vast wealth of information and experience contained within the club. Our members use local businesses finding those that are good (which we keep a record of) and those that leave something to be desired
(which we try to forget)!

Our members travel about the area seeing places of interest, play sports, play games, read books, listen to music, know the local artists and
know who to go to when there is a problem plus much much more.

Well its time to share some of this information, its time for our members to take an active part in their club so we will be looking for volunteers to act as editors for some of the pages.

This is the start and it will evolve as time and ideas come in. Please keep coming back to see whats happening and most importantly

The English Speaking Club committee July 2014